Apple River FAQ

Apple River Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions we are asked about the Apple River and Float Rite Park.

Q-  Do you have any entertainment at your campground?

A- Yes.  Every weekend we have live music at our open air  bar and on the weekdays we have movies under the stars.

Q- How deep is the water in the Apple River

A- It varies on the time of year, rain fall , ect.  But for the most part it is fairly shallow but there are parts which will be over your head.

Q- Do you guys really have a mechanical bull?

A- Yes!!  It’s also located in our open air bar and provides a ton of fun as campers cheer each other.

Q- Where can I shower after I get out of the Apple River?

A- Right at Float Rite Park…We have hot showers that have a reputations of being the cleanest facilities in the Apple River Area

Q- Can we tie our tubes together?

A- Yes you can and you can purchase rope at our tube rental stand.

Q-How long is the river ride?

A- Float Rite Park the longest ride on the river its over three hours long!!!

Q- How do you know where to exit the river?

A-  We have signs posted and to make it easy Float Rite Park is right on the river so tubers can hop out of the river and head strait to a hot shower.  No waiting to get picked up after a long day of fun on the river.

Q- Can I bring a cooler on the Apple River??

A- Yes, glass and styrofoam are not allowed on the Apple River.  Bring plastic or cans please.  There is a $5 deposit on all coolers & the deposit is returned when you bring your empties off the river.  Please help us keep the Apple River clean.