Apple River Concerts at Float Rite Park

Float Rite Park hosts a variety of concerts and events all summer long!

Upcoming Events

Camp at Float Rite Park during concerts at the amphitheater!

VIP Cabin rates for this year are $200 per person (4-person minimum / 8 person maximum) for the 3 nights Cabins: Call for Reservations 715-247-3453
Camping is still $99 per person for all 3 nights $20 per person for Thursday night add-on Aug 11th
$50 Riverfront Campsite upgrade $50 Elecric / water upgrade per campsite
Tubing is $16 per day (no advanced sale)

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Or Call 715-247-3453

Float Rite Park offers the best summer concert experience hands down.  You will not find another campground in the area with the entertainment, location, or safety of Float Rite Park.  Our campground is located between the Somerset Amphitheater and the Apple River, making it the perfect place to camp, attend a concert and tube the “World Famous Apple River”.  It is all right here….no shuttling to the show or the river!  This is a huge bonus!!

Make a weekend out of attending a summer concert at the new and improved Somerset Amphitheater– You can tube the Apple River all day, then head over to the show and after the concert there is still more fun to be had!!  The good time continues at Float Rite Park’s full-service patio bar!!  You are guaranteed a great time with all of the additional entertainment we have.   After all of the fun is had for the day, head back to your campsite or cabin for a good night of rest and get ready to get up and do it all over again!   But not before you fuel up on the delicious hot breakfast (eggs, pancakes, ect) at our open-air patio bar & restaurant. Click Here or Call 715-247-3453 to make camping reservations today!

We work as hard as we can to offer you a first class experience for your concert weekends.  If you have any suggestions on what would make your experience  better please call or email us.