School Friends Reminisce Over Apple River Tubing

School Friends Reminisce Over Apple River Tubing

Recently, when a group of college friends were snowed in they wanted to get their minds off the freezing cold weather, so they took out their pictures of the time they spent tubing the Apple River. They all enjoyed looking at these pictures, because it reminded them of the great time and warm weather, which took their mind off of the constant snowfall. Each of the friends all agreed that they are hoping for the winter to end, as they all are anxiously waiting for a return to Float Rite Park and relaxing in the warm sun while tubing on the Apple River.

One of the friends wanted them all to start thinking about when they would be free to go camping and tubing again this summer at Float Rite Park, and one of them sent an a-mail over to us to see if we would have avilable. The message told us about how excited they all are to come camp with us again. Another student chimed in to say that then the night of fun begins when they are dropped off right at their campground, so they all could take a hot shower before heading over to the open air bar where they could dance to the live music that is playing each weekend. As they went through each photo and reminisced, they all agreed that now was the time to make their reservations for Apple River tubing at the Float Rite Park. Then they would have something to look forward to during the cold, snowy winter months.

Family Has a Great Time with Wisconsin River Tubing

A family had never been tubing at the Apple River, but was invited to go with family friends. The family loved camping and tubing, but never had never heard about Float Rite Park until their friends told them what a great time they had had last season. They asked their friends to join them for the absolute best Wisconsin River tubing. The first-time visiting family jumped at the chance and both families headed to Wisconsin, which was just a few hours drive from their home.

They all arrived at the campsite that was reserved for them and they set up their tent, then they all got ready to go tubing down the Apple River. The Apple River tubing was a great experience for them. They didn’t expect it to last for three hours and it was just what they needed – a peaceful and relaxing float down the river. They were pleasantly surprised on how much fun the tubing adventure was. The family that had never been tubing at the Apple River are now in love with their day of Wisconsin River tubing. They were so impressed with their weekend that they are planning an annual visit now. They appreciated the hot showers that awaited them when they were done tubing, and especially that they were able to grab a snack at the concession stand. The campground was clean and everyone was very friendly. They are now going to be regulars at Float Rite Park so they can enjoy more days that are fun, exciting, and relaxing.

Somerset Wisconsin is the Home of Floatrite Park

Somerset Wisconsin is the best place for outdoor activities. A family of four that has been coming to Float Rite for years told us how they make sure that they go camping at the Apple River in Somerset, Wisconsin each summer. Th family takes a week to spend at Float Rite Park so they are able to enjoy all the fun things that is in Somerset Wisconsin. The parents make sure they get a campsite on the Apple River. This lets them go tubing on the Apple River, but they also end up at their campsite, which is when they all get ready to go to watch a movie shown at the campground. The family grabs a blanket and munches on the free popcorn that is provided too. Camping at Float Rite Park is not your ordinary campsite because of all the extra amenities that are provided, which include volleyball courts, hot showers, a concession stand, and free shuttle service.

The parents come to Somerset, Wisconsin alone for a weekend in May sometimes, so they can go to the Somerset Amphitheater for the Northern Invasion concert. The Northern Invasion concert has the best bands and Rob Zombie, Korn, and Disturbed are just a few of the bands that are appearing for the two day concert event. Somerset, Wisconsin has something exciting for families and adults and the price at Float Rite is very affordable. This family always spends their vacations and weekend getaways at Float Rite Park tubing on the Apple River with camping and concerts in Somerset, Wisconsin.

Apple River Tubing Gives Memories for a Lifetime

Float Rite Park received a call from a student. The high schooler used to spend time during the summer doing Apple River tubing with his friends at Float Rite Park. He said that those were the best summers in his entire life. Now he is a college student and presently going to college on the East Coast, but called us to book a vacation this summer with some of his new friends who were all impressed with all of his fun stories about times tubing down the Apple River.

We are always glad to see returning guests, especially those who spent their summers with us and now are older and come back. We asked the student what part of the park that he and his friends wanted to stay at and he remembered distinctively where he stayed as a teen and requested the same area, so we reserved a camping spot located on the Apple River for him and his friends this summer. He and his friends wanted to make sure that they could spend the day tubing on the Apple River, then enjoy a live concert at the Somerset Amphitheater. The group of college friends all wanted to try the famous mechanical bull that they heard about and then have a drink or two at the full service patio bar, because they were all old enough to drink. The Float Rite Park made the reservations and we look forward to their visit.

Apple River Camping Promises to Ramp Up This Year’s Fun

Three friends went to a concert last year, but realized at the time that they hadn’t had as much as they could have had because they had decided not to do camping at the Apple River. From what they could tell it seemed like a big mistake to stay at a nearby hotel. They didn’t think much about their stay until some of their other friends that also attended the same concert told them that they stayed at the Float Rite Park and they all were camping at Apple River. They told their friends that the camping experience was outstanding, because they went tubing down the Apple River, then sat around a campfire and just enjoyed talking and having fun. This year the three friends bought tickets to another concert and they all decided to go for the total package and have the same experience at Apple River camping. We could tell they were really excited when they made their reservations at the Float Rite Park.

The Float Rite Park made the reservations for the three friends. We let them know that the package would include two nights of camping along with a day of tubing down the Apple River. The friends couldn’t get over how much more affordable the package was going to be compared to what they paid staying at a musky and cramped hotel the previous year. They all are looking forward to summer arriving, so they will enjoy a great concert along with exciting tubing, then Apple River camping too!

Camping at Apple River Reunites Old Friends

A woman made a ton of new friends doing Apple River camping one year when she decided to stay there to see a concert performed by her favorite band. The woman had a great time at the concert, but a better time camping. She was invited to the neighboring campsite to dinner one evening and that was what led to a lifetime of great friends and memories. Everyone enjoyed dinner, then they all told stories around the campfire. She first thought when she went camping alone that she would be isolated and lonely, but that wasn’t the case. She had the best time. Before they all left Float Rite Park they exchanged numbers and they all talk on a regular basis.

The group of friends goes back to the Apple River each year, but now they all make sure to have campsites next to one another. They stay in touch and everyone meets at the Apple River and camps there just like the first time they met, because they all have become such good friends. None of them would have thought that they would all meet such good people and have the best of friends just by enjoying Apple River camping at Float Rite Park. They all enjoy the concerts, tubing down Apple River, and the late nights around the fire where they each share what has been going on with their lives in the past few months. Apple River camping is more than just a campsite. It’s a place to meet new friends.

Dude Time at the Apple River!

A dad decided to have a reunion with his best buds at the Apple River this coming spring, because his marriage had severely lowered the amount of male bonding time available to him. He called the Float Rite Park to make a reservation for this reunion. He wanted a cabin that would accommodate him and six friends on the Apple River and the staff at Float Rite Park was able to make the reservations for him. He knew a stay at Float Rite Park on the Apple River would renew the connection and feelings of brotherhood he shared with his former cohorts.

Spring finally arrived and the group of men headed to Apple River for their retreat. Most of the men were all married and were all looking forward to time together. When they arrived they found their cabin and each of the guys loved the location and the cabin that they were going to be staying in. The guys headed over to the bar and each of them reminisced while enjoying a cold brew. They all decided to go fishing on Apple River, then they fried up some fish that they all caught. The weekend passed by quite quickly, but each of the men had a great time just kicking back and relaxing together. Each of the guys had such a good time that they all vowed to do this trip again within the near future. The Float Rite Park got these buds together and renewed their friendship at the Apple River.

Apple River Campground is Base for Great Times

A bunch of college kids had decided to book a stay at the Apple River campground after hearing a many interesting stories from upperclassmen friends that had influenced them. The older students told them that they had an unforgettable time that was essential to their favorite youthful memories, and so these younger students went for it and called Float Rite Park to book a stay at the Apple River campground.

The staff at Float Rite Park asked the college kids if they had a preference on where they wanted to stay at the campground and all of the kids agreed that being close to the Apple River would be awesome, so the Float Rite Park staff booked the campground and let the kids know that it would be available for them when they arrived. The group of students arrived at the campground and they loved the site where they would be staying. They set up their tents and headed for tubing down the Apple River as they wanted to start their own adventure at the Apple River campground. The group had an amazing time and wanted to chill that evening, so they grilled some burgers and relaxed under the stars listening to the soothing sounds of the Apple River. Each of the kids really enjoyed themselves and when they got back to college they thanked the upperclassmen for recommending the Apple River campground, because it was the best time and adventure since they had all been away at college.

“Appleriver” is the Key to Fun!

A couple who had come to the Float Rite Park one weekend wanted to make their mark and remember their weekend so they carved “Appleriver 2010” into a tree stump. They returned to see if it was still there five years later and it was. They were thrilled to see that it was there and they took some photos of it. The couple came back for some of the concerts that are at the Float Rite Park in Somerset, and lots of great memories came back to them because most people have a really enjoyable and memorable time camping at the Apple River for numerous events that are accessible from Float Rite Park.

The couple has decided to come back more than every few years because they always have a wonderful time. The next year when they plan on coming back they will be bringing another addition to their family as the wife is expecting any day now. She was going through some of the pictures that the couple had taken on all their visits to the Apple River and Float Rite Park and she said to her husband that they will be able to create new memories with their child at Float Rite Park. She said that they will rent a cabin for their next visit, because she wanted to make sure their child would be indoors at night, but as soon as their child was older they would return to camping out because that is where great memories occur at Float Rite Park.

Somerset WI Apple River Destination is Float Rite

Float Rite Park received a call from a student that had booked with us online. The student booked a trip for the summer of 2016, because he had a bunch of free time and was wanting to put a bright spot on the coming winter. The only option he thought of initially was to go to Float Rite Park at the Apple River in Somerset WI.

We let the student know that yes we received his booking that he placed online and we had him booked at the campground where he requested, which was on the banks of the gorgeous Apple River. We also let him know that he would have a great time here because we offered live music, movies under the stars, tubing down the Apple River, and much more. The customer said he was so excited to come to the Float Rite Park and can’t wait for winter to get over, so his retreat could begin. The student said that he had heard many of the other students at his college tell him how much fun it was at the Float Rite Park and he absolutely loved the outdoors and tubing was something that he was really looking forward to. He said a few of his college buddies had also booked reservations and they were all planning on having the time of their lives on the Apple River in Somerset WI. Float Rite Park let the student know that we looked forward to their arrival.